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Camping Sulz

  CP (2330037) A beautifully located campsite on the Reuss.
Last updated on 2021-08-09

Camping for Motorhomes

Schweiz, , 5444 Künten
Street:Reussstrasse 5
Number of places:50
MeinwomoID 2330037
Environment:beautiful surroundings
last visit message: 06/2021
available:from: 15.März until: 1.November

Price : Pay for use site

  -> Price for 24h, 2 people and tax(Euro): 26.3
-> Extra for each additional person(Euro): 6.6
-> Additional your Child(Euro): 3.75
  W M S E N D wc W H
water:Water included
Dumpstation:Dumping included in the price
Stream:Electricity flatfee -> Price(Euro):2.8
Garbage:dustbin available
Dogs:Dog fee -> Charge(Euro):2.8

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004.59 km tourist spottourist spot
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004.81 km ShopShop

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