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motorhome places Flaesch Switzerland

Motorhome place Parkplatz Raststätte Heidiland

P ()7310 Fläsch Switzerland
without charge

Motorhome place Wohnmobilparkplatz Luzisteig

PN ()7304 Fläsch Switzerland
without charge
open Mai until Oktober

Flaesch, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Flaesch, Pictures and general information

    Selected parking spaces

    | Parking suitable for campers over 8 m
    Tagesparkplatz Tamina Therme
    schweiz 7312 Bad Ragaz Hans Albrecht-Strasse
    Day parking to visit the thermal baths and spa Tamina Therme. Stay up to 15 hours allowed. Hourly rate 1. 50 SFR
    Arrival: Follow the signs to Parking Tamina-Therme. Do not drive into the parking garage! RV sites on the left side of the road. Fee machine and barrier.
    | general parking lot
    Wohnmobil-Wanderparkplatz Aussichtsturm Eichenhaft
    schweiz 7304 Maienfeld Försterschule 2
    Small parking lot for hikers. Overnight possible. No prohibition signs! The police and forest management drove by and didn´t mind.
    Arrival: Easily accessible with a small motorhome/van. Above 6 meters it gets tight!
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    schweiz 9478 Wartau Schollbergstrasse
    Right on the creek at the path house. Quiet above the village. Partly under trees. Without infrastructure. 2-3 vehicles. Hiking trails in all directions.
    How to get there: single lane, slight incline
    | general parking lot
    Wohnmobilparkplatz Heidiweg
    schweiz 7304 Maienfeld Försterschule
    Parking lot as a starting point for the Heidiweg and other paths. Sloping, only for small mobile homes. Little traffic at night.
    Directions: Very narrow street
    | Parking suitable for campers over 5 m
    Parkplatz Raststätte Heidiland
    schweiz 7310 Fläsch E43
    Parking space specially signposted for mobile homes at the service area A13, also for overnight stays. Accessible from both directions. Noise from service area and railway line.

    Selected service points

    | Ladestation
    schweiz 7302 Igis Tardisstrasse
    | Ladestation
    schweiz 7302 Zizers Tardisstrasse
    schweiz Zizers Apfelwuhr

    Selected gastronomy

    McDonalds, Im Neugrüt , St. margrethen, Schweiz
    liechtenstein 9496 Balzers Neugrs¼t
    McDonalds, Im Neugrüt , St. margrethen, Schweiz
    liechtenstein 9496 Balzers Neugrs¼t

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    General Pois

    | Spa
    Tamina Therme
    Schweiz 7310 Bad Ragaz Hans Albrecht Strasse
    Please note that direct access with a mobile home or team is not possible. Exclusive car parking only.
    A truly exceptional bathroom. All thing high in price.
    | mountain hut
    schweiz 7307 Maienfeld
    The Enderlinhütte is located northeast of Maienfeld at an altitude of 1501 m above sea level. M. on the southern flank of the falcon. Access Enderlinhütte: From Bad Ragaz train station, from Maienfeld train station
    | Mountain pass
    St. Luzisteig
    schweiz 7304 Sankt Luzisteig St. Luzisteig
    Die St. Luzisteig ist ein Pass auf 713 m Höhe und verbindet im Kanton Graubünden Maienfeld mit dem nördlichen Talort Balzers im Fürstentum Liechtenstein.
    | kleiner See / Teich
    Der Giessenparksee befindet sich in der Gemeinde Bad Ragaz im Kanton St. Gallen. Der langgezogene See liegt im Giessenpark auf einer Höhe von 501m.
    | golf
    Golf Club Ragaz
    schweiz 7310 Bad Ragaz Hans-Albrecht-Strasse
    18-hole Champinchip CourseTel: 41 81 303 37 17Mail: golfclub
    resortragaz. ch
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