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Antalya, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Antalya, Pictures and general information

  • { Antalya , the capital of the so-called Turkish Riviera, has a population of around 2.23 million people, a picturesque old town, a beautiful little harbor and is a bustling metropolis for the surrounding area..
    Shoppingsüchtige get their money as well as culture lovers..


    * first settlement of Pamphylia by Mycenaean Greeks, 12th cent.. v.. Chr.
    * 7th cent.. v.. Re-colonization of these first, abandoned towns and villages, member of the Persian Empire
    * 334 BC. Conquest by Alexander the Great
    * 158 BC. Demonstrable establishment of Antalya by King Attalos II of Pergamon «NamAttaleia»
    * 133 BC. King Attalos´ empire falls to the Roman Empire and Pamphylia disintegrates into small regional states
    * 48 AD the apostle Paul is said to have stopped here on his journey «Acts 14.25 f.»
    * 130 n. Chr. Visit of Emperor Hadrian - Hadrian´s Arch in Antalya
    * important Christian center in the Byzantine period, as well as naval base
    * 8th cent.. Renewal of fortifications
    * 11th cent.. Seat of the Orthodox bishop
    * 1085 - 1121 Seljuk rule
    * Sultan of Rum Kai Khosrau I. moved to Antalya in 1207
    * 13th century.. Sultan Kai Kobad builds the Yivli-Minare Mosque, whose minaret today is Antalya´s landmark.
    * 1426 Antalya comes under Ottoman rule, it loses its importance as a trading city, because more trade relocated to the caravans, with which Antalya little touch points possessed..
    * 1997 Twinning with Nuremberg

    Today, with over 2. 3 million visitors, Antalya is a fast-growing tourist center with many hotels in and around the city, as well as on the long beaches..
    Added to this are about 11,000 permanent residents Germans, mostly pensioners, who find help in problems in the parish of St. Nicholas founded by Prelate Rainer Korten in 2003..

    Furthermore, Antalya is economical with many newly established, also European companies.. The suburbs are mostly modern and new buildings dominate..
    Each suburb has mosques and shopping malls, as well as good transport links to the center, and the famous dolmus whirl around everywhere, taking you to any place you want..
    Antalya Airport is the hub for the entire region and also supplies the tourist centers of Belek, Manavgat, Sid and Kemer with rare tourist streams


    * Hadrian´s Gate at Atatürk Caddesi.. It is the only surviving gateway to the city and the port from the historic city gates and was inserted in the surrounding city wall of ancient Antalya.. It was built in honor of Emperor Hadrian on the occasion of his visit in 130 AD on 4 pedestals and 3 archways.. The design reminds of a triumphal arch.. It was restored in 1959.
    * Roman Arapsu Bridge in the western part of the city
    * Archeological Museum of Antalya
    Hours: Tue-Sun 9-12.. 30 and 13. 30-17 clock, Cumhuriyet Cad.. Corner Konyaaltı, Tel. «0242» 238 56 88-89
    * Kaleiçi, the ancient city of Antalya, is surrounded by 2 city walls.. The interior encloses the harbor.. The old town has been lovingly restored and has pretty little pensions, bars, cafes and shops where you can haggle and shop to your heart´s content.
    * The clock tower, lively center and landmark of all tourists
    * Yivili Minaret, built 1219-36 and Mosque, which was rebuilt after being destroyed in the 14th century.. Its 6 domes are visible from afar..
    * Hıdırlık Tower, 14 m high, two-storey, dates from Roman times, west of Antalya Park.. Original utility lighthouse
    * Karatay school, located in the old town and was built in the 13th century.. built as a religious school
    * Atatürk monument, must not be missing in any Turkish city.. Located at the main roundabout of the main street
    * the old harbor is a picturesque eye-catcher and invites you to linger.. It is framed in a semicircle by the inner city wall and is surrounded by beautifully renovated mansions of the Ottomans.. The traditional Turkish wooden boats dock here and offer day trips along the coast of Antalya

    Things to do

    There´s no need to bother anyone in and around Antalya.. Whether sailing, fishing, hunting, swimming, surfing, diving, mountaineering, rafting or even skiing in the mountains behind Antalya, everything is on offer..
    { Many more information are available online

    If you have any problems, the German Consul Frank Urbschat can be reached at Phone & Fax: 3141101-02 / 3216914

    other { Consulates different nations can be found here}


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Antalya, Sights and other pois

001.74 km supermarketsupermarket
001.94 km parkpark
002.27 km  wikiInfoText: wiki
002.68 km supermarketsupermarket
002.69 km  athletic fields athletic fields
002.86 km restaurantrestaurant
002.88 km restaurantrestaurant
002.89 km bankbank
002.89 km restaurantrestaurant
002.99 km bankbank
003.01 km bankbank
003.03 km restaurantrestaurant
003.03 km restaurantrestaurant
003.12 km restaurantrestaurant
003.17 km restaurantrestaurant
003.19 km restaurantrestaurant
003.2 km restaurantrestaurant
003.22 km churchchurch
003.23 km parkpark
003.24 km restaurantrestaurant
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003.36 km parkpark
003.4 km restaurantrestaurant
003.42 km hotelhotel
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003.43 km parkpark
003.46 km hotelhotel
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003.48 km hotelhotel
003.51 km restaurantrestaurant
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003.55 km restaurantrestaurant
003.56 km parkpark
003.56 km parkpark
003.56 km parkpark
003.56 km parkpark
003.6 km museummuseum
003.6 km restaurantrestaurant
003.73 km portport
003.75 km parkpark
004.17 km parkpark
004.28 km parkpark
004.31 km bankbank
004.34 km restaurantrestaurant
004.34 km supermarketsupermarket
004.37 km restaurantrestaurant

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