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XXL Easter holidays at meinwomo
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XXL Easter holidays at meinwomo
No chance to take the RV because of Corona? Travel virtually with meinwomo !

Unfortunately you can´t go on tour with the motorhome at Easter ?

Sad, but ideal to use this time at MEINWOMO!

The XXL access in the portal offers a huge amount of information with specials, that nobody else offers.

NOW you have free time to take a look at it and surf to explore the best portal of the net.

our gift to you in Corona times is a XXL-access for about 3 weekends, from 4th to 19th April.

Requirements to get such an access free and without any costs:

1. you must have been registered for soseasy or EasyMap lately in the afternoon of Friday, 3rd.april.2020, before the start of the booking process

2. if you have been using soseasy or EasyMap for more than 180 days, you must have shown an activity during this time, i.e. until the booking date, in the form of visit reports, meaningful comments or sent pictures

What can I do

Certainly not everyone has sent yet a visit message and/or comments to the places he visited in 2019.
Your camera/smartphone is overflowing with pictures? Surely there are some exciting ones from the sites that have not yet been sent

So just travel virtually in the portal, plan future trips and help the community with comments, pictures, trekking tours.

Or simply check your local area and insert supermarkets, bakers, butchers, restaurants, doctors, hospitals, shopping malls etc. that are in the area.

Then planning new trips after the Corona time is much more fun.

Because of the XXL status you can use EVERYTHING, so also the route planner, private pois, small additional map, changing map settings per zoom level and even our big unrivalled tour planner, with which you can even create your own travel e-book.

Important: just click through everything... neither the portal nor the program will bite, but if you don´t try anything you won´t be able to see the full potential of what is really unique

Take advantage of this incredible unique opportunity !

I´m already XXL, do I get nothing?

For all our-users, who are already XXL and use the Easter holidays to make visit announcements and send pictures, we also have a surprise ready.
More about this at Easter :)

Stay at home, stay safe, protect your beloved ones and help the meinwomo-community, so that we can travel well and safe again afterwards and have new information and pictures

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