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Vonitsa, Pictures of the city and surroundings

Vonitsa, Pictures and general information

  • Vonitsa-Anaktorio is a small Greek town on the south coast of the Ambrakian Gulf..
    Official name for the municipality is Anaktorio, but is commonly used by Vonitsa..

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    * Antique First Settlement of Settlement
    * 630 BC. Founding of the Polis Ankatorio by Corinth
    * Anaktorios decline as the Romans north of Preveza founded the city of Nikopolis
    * 5th century.. v.. The inhabitants of Anaktorios erect the Apollo Temple Aktio in the area of ​​Aktio, remains can be visited in the Archaeological Museum of Preveza..
    * 395 AD to 15 Jrdht.. Rebuilding the Settlement under the name Vonitsa
    * 1081 Norman Conquest and Devastation under Robert Guiscard
    * varied history in the following centuries, partly with, partly without conquest by the invaders
    * 1479 conquest by the Ottoman Reich
    * in the 18th century.. Re-conquest by Veneto, although in 1797 under French rule for a short time
    * January 3, 1799 Treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire, in which the French possessions Ionian Islands, Preveza, Parga and Vonitsa were awarded to the Ottomans under Ali Pasha Tepelena> * 1829 after the end of the Greek War of Independence, Vonitsa becomes part of the Kingdom of Greece
    * On October 4, 1862 Vonitsa revolts General Dimitros Grivas with insurgents against the Greek King Otto..
    * March 23, 1983 Heavy earthquake with magnitude 6 on the Richter scale claims 7 injured and more than 150 damaged homes..

    Today´s Vonitsa seems to us not too interesting, a rather inconspicuous, slightly dull looking Greek village, but with a nice waterfront to the Ambrakian Gulf..

    Among the sights of the city is a very well-preserved Venetian castle..

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Vonitsa, Sights and other pois

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